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'tis the season to reflect

'tis the season to reflect

the winter holidays stir up more emotions than any other time of year: family gatherings {or fur baby cuddles}, hot cocoa, pumpkins, comfort food, and reminiscing. 

what i tend to do most during this time is reflect.

what significant events happened this year? how did i grow? how did i fail? who is in my life that i’m thankful for? what relationships drifted, and is that ok? what relationships grew stronger?

so many questions. 

here are my 2017 reflections for your reading pleasure. some are heavy, others...not so much. either way, maybe we’ve had similar stories, and i hope we connect through them. 

i have grown mentally stronger than i ever imagined. saying no is a scary word that i usually run in the opposite direction from; this year was different. 

i said no to love. i packed up my belongings, my business, my life and I drove home. i left what i believed would be my future for the longest time. {however, there was always a constant voice urging me to let go, which i painfully ignored until this year.} 

i said no to needless responsibilities and began strategically re-organizing my priorities. even though there’s more room for improvement, i’ve already begun working more efficiently. 

i said no to quitting. multiple times during the year i had rough days. eating frozen personal pizzas, sipping on boxed wine, and watching heavy movies was my favorite pass-time for months. now my evenings are filled with laughter, still boxed wine {'cause alcohol}, and family bonding over azis ansari and the office. {azis will forever have my heart, btw.}



i said yes to starting the life i wanted by moving closer to family. i always took my siblings for granted, but this year we've truly bonded. my sister has become my best friend, and my brother is now my deep conversation-having, life problem-solving partner-in-crime.

i said yes to opening up a revie popup. having an official location brings so much joy to my life. seeing a customer smile as they choose a dress that makes them look aaahmazing- priceless. 

i said yes to a corporate 9-5 that scared the sh*t out of me. over the short period of being blessed with this opportunity, i have learned more than ever imagined and have met inspiring people.


as you read this, wherever you are, i hope you decide to take the time to reflect on your personal experiences during 2017. be honest, be real and rest assured that we’re all humans striving to survive - just like you.

raise your coffee {or wine} and let’s cheers to surviving 2017, and to the joy that awaits us in 2018.

as always, keep it real


{summa feels}

{summa feels}

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