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{summa feels}

{summa feels}

summer feels are in full force.

okay, let’s be honest, spring and fall are the best seasons of the year, but there’s still something so special about summer – it gives me the feeeeels, and it’s just around the corner!


1.     pool time. i recently moved into a new apartment, and i couldn’t love the multiple (yes, multiple!) sunbathing locations more. que awful tan lines and enough beers to contradict my workout. 

2.     summer playlists. if you know me at all, you know i’m OBSESSED with music; to the point that it’s slightly embarrassing. here’s my personal ‘summah feels’ playlist for your beautiful ears. 

3.     morning runs. sure, it may be 95 degrees at 7am, but that’s just a great way to make your run that much more of a challenge. haha, i’m kidding! it sucks, but it’s better than 20 degree runs!

4.     going out. drinks in a dress without shivering? yes please. que the cutest revie outfits.


5.     ciders. this is new for me! i recently went to the bishop cider co. (okay, I went in November) and found out that I like ciders. it’s the perfect drink for sweaty legs on a metal chair at a hipster restaurant at 2pm on a saturday. 

6.     books. something about summer makes me wanna read! here’s a few that i’m reading now: ‘yes please’, ‘the magic of thinking big’, and ‘legal writing in plain english’. okay, i am not willingly reading the last one, it’s for my day job. 

7.     travel. holy moly i’m excited. this year i put visiting canada on my to-do list (ooooh canadaaah), and i’m going this may! keep your eye out because the trip has turned into a glorified photoshoot for revie. my roomie is a boss photographer, and willingly agreed to being my banff tour guide. 

shop the ' scarlet dress ' and ' maria wedges '

shop the 'scarlet dress' and 'maria wedges'


this summer, find the things that you love. do the things. tell me about the things in a comment below!

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revie's second birthday!

revie's second birthday!

'tis the season to reflect

'tis the season to reflect