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taking a chill pill

taking a chill pill

hey babes, let's get real.

ever feel like your life goes full circle? as if the universe thinks it’s comical for you to relive the same situations at different phases of your life?

news flash, universe: it’s not cool!

when life slaps me in the face with the same yet dramatically different life decisions/emotions/reasons to freak out, I typically cope with the following steps. 

1. airplane mode. I am easily distracted by my phone as are a lot of people. when it’s ‘me time,’ I put my phone on airplane mode to eliminate that distraction.

2. breathe. I take 20 deep breaths counting backwards until I hit one: 20, 19, 18, and so on. if you aren’t familiar with ujaha breath in yoga, research it! I highly recommend this practice.

3. awareness and affirmation. I look inward and identify the cause of my freak-out session. the cause of my freak-out typically stems from my insecurities with not being able to handle the root of the problem, and I beat myself down with a list of “I hate how you’re…” that’s not okay. I take those insecurities and flip them, repeating them as a mantra until I become confident in myself. my most common choice is, “I am wise, strong and determined.” does this sound a little like a line from ‘the help?’ maybe… but who cares if it works. 

4. active. being active is typically the last thing I feel like doing when I’m freaking out. however, releasing endorphins is the most natural way to relieve stress and anxiety. I typically choose to run or practice yoga as my activity. if I’m angry, I choose to lift some weights and grunt it out.   

5. distract. I’m slowly teaching myself to accept the emotion I’m experiencing, and then to release it. whether the above steps fixed the issue or just helped me calm down, I try to distract myself by reading a book or hanging out with a friend.

if you’re in a similar situation, try them out and let me know what you think! there's no shame in accepting your emotions, good and bad. remember, you're human and all humans struggle. 

keep it real,



{saying goodbye}

{saying goodbye}

revie's second birthday!

revie's second birthday!